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Six generations of Louw family have practiced the art of winemaking at Diemersdal since the Estate passed into their hands in 1885. More than 12 decades later, Diemersdal is a well-known landmark in the lush Durbanville Valley, one of the Cape’s oldest wine regions.

Diemersdal forms part of the Wine of Origin Cape Town area, where cooling mists from the Atlantic Ocean roll over the vineyards every afternoon, contributing to the unique character of Diemersdal wines.


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Although not intentionally award driven, there is no denying the status of this tiny family owned Durbanville cellar. The family follows a very traditional but personalised approach to making wine. The grapes are picked by hand, allowing the family to leave the less perfect bunches for the soil to enrich itself – and before pressing, they again sort the individual grapes by hand.
“We completely believe that beautiful wines come from day to day thoughtful management in the vineyards.”  The family's bottom line is that, to be part of the Nitida family, requires commitment, passion and a desire to be involved.  Of course, the farm does use modern technology for pressing and pumping, but always seeks out the gentlest methods to make beautiful wine.

groot phesantekraal


The heritage that is Groot Phesantekraal dates back to 1698 when the land was given to its first owner, Olof Bergh, by Governor Simon van der Stel. In 1759 the property was sold to the Louw family and later purchased by Arend Brink in 1897.
The farm, which has long been known in the Koeberg region, as a successful cattle, sheep and grain production operation, was developed further when the present fourth-generation owner, Andre Brink, together with his wife Ronelle, planted vineyards covering 50ha of its 840ha expanse. Their boutique winery, under the expert management of Etienne Louw of Altydgedacht, soon established a niche for itself in the Durbanville wine valley, and as such, is proof of their dedication to and personal involvement in its daily running.

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